Why You Should Immediately Consult Your Doctor If You Feel Tired All The Time

Consult Your Doctor

Consult Your Doctor

When a person feels tired always, this condition is known as fatigue or tiredness. It means the individuals possess less energy than usual. They may feel exhausted mentally or physically. FCP Medical experts say that if tiredness persists, it may be a medical problem. In unusual circumstances, an individual should visit the doctor. Following is a detailed guide to understanding the causes and severity of tiredness.

Causes Of Fatigue

Many causes may lead to getting the condition tiredness. Following are some of the common causes.

Physical Causes

There are many physical causes behind tiredness. They may include deficiency of iron, such as in the case of anemia. Hypothyroidism may also cause this problem. Patients with diabetes, Addison’s disease, and heart problems may also feel tired. Chest illnesses such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and bowel problems may become the reason for fatigue. Vitamin D deficiency, pregnancy, glandular fever, and chronic fatigue syndrome are also major causes. 

Psychological Causes 

Like physical causes, many psychological causes can lead to severe fatigue. This is more common than physical causes. For example, you may feel tired during anxiety and depression. You may feel tired due to having a problem of underweight or overweight. Sleeping problems may also make you feel tired. When you are facing a lot of stress, it can become the cause of fatigue. Other psychological causes may include bereavement, domestic violence, and boredom.

Lifestyle Causes

Lifestyle causes are very common that can lead to the problem of fatigue. For earning more, people may do two or more jobs. It may cause fatigue. Consumption of alcohol can be one of the major reasons for tiredness. An unhealthy diet, recreational drugs, excessive exercise or lack of exercise, and working night shifts can be the cause of you feeling tired. You may have got an idea that there are many causes of tiredness. You shouldn’t worry about it until it is a usual condition. When the condition persists for a long time, you shouldn’t be careless and visit a doctor.

When To See A Doctor 

You should understand that there are many causes of fatigue. You should understand that some of them are severe and may represent chronic diseases.  Doctor Consultation can help you know the cause of your tiredness. He may find some cause to treat it.

How To Find Out The Possible Causes Of Fatigue 

We have described many causes of fatigue. The doctor may reach the right causes by following methods. Fatigue isn’t worrisome when it is due to lifestyle or common causes. When you have other symptoms along with it, you should take care.

The other symptoms that you should take care of are blurry vision, change in mental status, inability to urinate, the inability of waking up, sudden weight loss or weight gain, swelling, and thoughts of harming or killing yourself. These symptoms are critical that should be immediately consulted with the doctor.

In other cases, when your fatigue has lasted for many days, and you are feeling some common symptoms along with it, you should fix an appointment with the physician.

When you are feeling tired and having the problem of constipation, feeling cold, weight gain, or dry skin, you should meet a doctor. Frequent headaches, snoring, insomnia, unexplained weight loss or weakness, and interrupted sleep with tiredness can be alarming. In these conditions, you should take special care and discuss it with the doctor.

Asking Some Questions 

Doctors may ask the individuals some questions for reaching a most probable conclusion. They may ask about sleeping conditions or moods, or feelings. Persons should tell if he’s enjoying proper sleep or not. He may be asked about the consumption of alcohol, recreational drugs, or any other medicines. Doctors may ask about body weight changes and heavy periods in the case of female patients. These questions can help to reach the most probable problem.

Examination By Doctor 

The doctors may check weight and height and see if they are relevant or not. They may also check lymph glands or thyroid glands to see if they have enlarged or not. Listen and feel your tummy and organs in the tummy. They may see your eyes to find out if you are anemic. They may also check the strength of your arms and legs. They may get a sample of urine to see if you are a diabetic patient.

Blood Tests And Other Tests

After taking a thorough examination, doctors may ask for some blood tests such as iron levels, blood thyroid hormone level, blood sugar level, vitamin deficiencies, liver and kidney functions, and glandular fever. They may also ask for other tests.

Why Reach A Doctor And Fatigue Treatment 

When you reach a doctor, he will make a thorough examination of your body. He will try to find out the common cause of your tiredness. Finding the right cause of the problem in a premature stage can help to avoid a big health issue. It can let you know what is you are suffering through and what medication you do require. Doctors will find the cause and prescribe medicines or other treatment options.

It can help you get rid of persistent fatigue and live a healthy life. The common treatment options for tiredness are linked with the cause. If the tiredness is due to some physical cause, the doctors will treat it to get rid of this problem. Reaching the right cause can help to treat the cause and feel well.

We have described different causes of fatigue. You must know that ignoring this condition may lead to the development of chronic disease. You should see your doctor discuss your condition, and ask him to find out the major cause. FCP Medical experts can make use of their expertise to reach the exact cause. They can work to treat the major physical disorder and help to get rid of this problem.

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