Establish your company as a legal corporation in Poland

incorporation in Poland

incorporation in Poland

Poland: Registering a company today is attractive to foreigners as Poland has reduced CIT costs to nine. The market has qualified staff, and GDP growth was more than 4% in 2019.

The most common form of business in Poland is the registration of personal property or property. However, individual property is only possible for Polish and EU citizens and foreigners with permanent residence cards, so that Polish citizens dominate economic activity.

Establish and register incorporation in Poland:-

Organizing incorporation in Poland can be finished in two methods: historically within reputable files or online on the s24 portal operated utilizing the ministry of justice. Here we’ve got the entirety you need to realize about how to sign up an organization in Poland and how to do it. 

For incorporation in poland, you have to have a digital signature of your very own. Or a personal identification range. Without these, it is impossible to establish a business in Poland that has every document question electronic sign up yours over it.

How to register an online company in Poland using the S24 method

Please note that all persons who sign and participate in the company contract must have an active S24 and ePUAP account for electronic signatures when registering online. When completing the online application, you must provide, among other things, a list of the company’s shareholders, a list of directors, the object of the company’s activity, and the shareholders’ choice of the stock option, which shows how the share is represented. The corporation and its decision-making bodies also want a PESEL number. The value of each character company must be indicated, and it should be at least 50 PLN.

Signature upon documents in S24 mode can be done using:-

• authorized digital signature

• signature via ePUAP

the shareholders sign the articles of affiliation. Other documents like; The statement of the paid-in capital, the list of shareholders, or the application for entry at the regional court must be signed by the company’s board of directors. Partners in the company can also join the board of directors. You then sign further documents, not as a partner but as a board member.

Applicants can become LLC shareholders and board members without restrictions. All these steps are necessary for incorporation in Poland.

Company stamp work:-

• access in the national court docket sign up – courtroom charge pln 250

• the fee of publishing the primary registration with the ministry of overseas affairs is pln one hundred

Upon payment of the stamp duty, the application is sent to the selected registry court at the company’s registered office, which will examine the application within one day of receipt.

After registering with the national courts, you will have:-

REGON (statistical) and NIP (TIN) numbers and communication as motivation for ZUS

Pay PPC tax on registered shares

You can submit a NIP-8 application within 21 days. However, if you want to pay this Social Security contribution, you should do it within seven days from signing the employment contract.

The employer should pay tax before seven days of receiving his first payment.

Timing: All steps take two weeks to a maximum of one month.

Registering for incorporation in Poland is again encouraged by us through the S24 system.

How to register a business in Poland:-

The commercial operations in Poland are almost identical to those in other EU countries. There are functions, but you will quickly get to know them. Before business incorporation in Poland, you need to set goals to achieve them. Then, you have your business plan. So, consider the following program to register a company in Poland:

First – which legal form is best for your company? Which capital do you want to invest? Who are the directors? What kind of company should you put on the platform?

Step 2: Find the counterparty entrusted to him to take over his business in Poland and examine the various offers. Experience evaluation offers resources, competencies, scheduling, service complexity, virtual office services, pricing. Formation costs are one-time costs, so the price is not a priority.

Third, the easiest way to set up a company in Poland is to use the S24 e-government platform. Therefore, after five days, you must have an identification number – PESEL, electronic signature – ePUAP and participate.

Suppose you want to set up a limited liability company with a notary public. When placing your LLC with the notary, you can choose specially designed articles of association. If you’re using LLC with a notary public, you don’t need PESEL or ePUAP.

By holding progress, you can start a business in Poland and register a new company here. We provide bookkeeping services by checking contractors against the Polish business report (known as the white list) (we specialize in small business bookkeeping), virtual office, bank, or tax office. We have a lot of experience in the market and offer fast and professional services to support your business.

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