Best Cloud-Based Call Center Software [Update-2023]

Cloud-Based Call Center Software

Cloud-Based Call Center Software

The cloud-based call center software manages customer calls and interactions, and it is hosted virtually in the cloud by service providers. It is responsible for streamlining the day-to-day process of your call center for better performance. 

Call center software manages incoming and outgoing calls, synchronizes the tracking process, and routes all calls to an appropriate agent. It also helps in monitoring and recording calls for quality assurance. Using call center software reduces your hardware cost and management costs. There are a lot of benefits that call center software has to offer your business.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Call Center Software:-

Reduce cost: Like on-premise call centers, it does not require any purchasing hardware, installation cost, or additional maintenance costs. The annual cost is less than on-premise call centers, which makes it more affordable for small businesses

Improves customer experiences: With cloud-based contact, your customer can seamlessly communicate with your organization across multiple channels. It uses CCAI (Contact Center AI) solutions to receive timely resolutions to customers’ issues.

Faster implementation: Cloud-based call center software is accessed online. As it does not require any hardware or installation, the setup process is much faster. 

Increased scalability and flexibility: You can add or remove the inbound call volumes based on customer traffic and business requirements. In comparison, an on-premise call center is quite difficult and time-consuming to size up or down call volumes.

Ease of remote working: As software is accessed online, all employees and administrators can perform official tasks from home. Remote working provides flexibility and reduces the cost of office space.

Increases agent productivity: The software maintains a record of customer interaction in an online database. So that agents will be able to resolve all customer queries and handle calls faster. 

Reporting and analytics: Most of the call center software is built with APIs so that you can easily get analytics reports to track and measure call times and call wait times. It helps to improve customer experience. 

Things to Consider While Choosing Call Center Software 

Data security:-

With the advancement of technology and the increasing number of data breaches, organizations need to use security software. It is a most important factor that call center software providers should ensure that sensitive information is fully secured.

Multi-channel communication:-

The key thing to consider while choosing cloud-based call center software is to deliver a smooth customer experience across multiple channels. Customers can contact the call center through various channels, and the call center should be able to give customer interaction analytics and reports to the agent.

Ease of use:-

The productivity of agents and employees depends on the software you use. The software you use for your organization should be easy to navigate and learn for your workers.

Before using it, you can run a trial to test whether the software is a suitable fit for the organization or not. If your staff find it difficult to use, you should look for software that is more appropriate for your company. 


We all try to use software that is affordable and provides the best service. However, you should also see the features and overall performance of the software rather than a cheap price.

The pricing structure varies from the online license to the features you use. So, it is better to use the software that best fits your business in the long run.

Best Call Center Software 2023:-

Since many cloud-based call centers are available in the market, it can be difficult to choose the best one. And what you choose largely depends on the need for your call center agents. So here’s some of the best call center software: 


Bitrix24 is professional client management software used for companies and small businesses. With Bitrix24, you can manage and track all customer interactions and queries. It is built with a CRM module, and it allows multi-channel communication for seamless customer services.  


RingCentral offers the most innovative and flexible cloud-based communication platform for business. The software is built to support omnichannel communication and CRM integration. It has a unique feature, “RingOut,” which allows one-touch dialing from any device.

RingCentral’s other feature is call delegation and answering rules, which ensure all calls are delivered to the correct person. 


Channels are fully mobile-based software that allows users to route outbound calls through local phone numbers. It also offers a click-to-call browser extension to make calls for desktop users. You can easily integrate channels with other software like Zendesk, Shopify, or Pipedrive to manage better workflow.


Zendesk is a complete solution for cloud-based platforms. It provides all the standard features like interactive voice responses, live chat features, and real-time monitoring. A customizable front portal allows users to easily navigate multiple channels to maximize efficiency and workflows. 


With Hubspot, users can prioritize sales calls and make calls directly from a web browser. Hubspot is built with CRM, which makes it easier for users to track and log sales calls. It provides all the customers’ issues to front-line agents to help them quickly deliver a faster customer experience. 


As we increase the use of digital channels to communicate with businesses, Cloud-based call center software is becoming more popular. Cloud call centers make the interaction through phone calls, emails, or social media virtually from any internet-connected device. 

Cloud call centers improve customer interaction and reduce the overall cost. While choosing the software, you should consider features such as multi-channel interactions, ease of use, and managing work remotely. So make sure that the software you choose fits your organization’s needs. 

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