Best Free Call Center Software For PC [October 2023]

Best free call center software for PC

Best free call center software for PC

Are you confused about choosing the best free call center software for your organization? Well, there are seemingly several numbers of call center software for PC ranging from free to premium plans.

Every business or organization’s call center agents evolve to better address customers’ concerns and queries. Most organizations have switched from on-premise contact centers to software and cloud-based applications for smooth day-to-day transactions. 

What is Call Center Software 2023?

Call center software is a professional telephony tool that you can install into your current workplace network. It operates virtually, allowing you to manage all outbound calls and route them to the right agents through a computer network utilizing VoIP. 

Call centers were originally designed to connect with consumers solely through voice calls. But, with today’s call center technologies, you can communicate with consumers via chat, email, and social media. You can record incoming and outgoing calls, track call metrics, and upload automated scripts. 

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5 Best Free Call Center Software For PC 2023

Free call center software is one of the most effective ways for any company to serve its consumers. There are various call center software options on the market; however, deciding which is best for your company may be difficult.

Here are the Best five free call center solutions with various features to assist you in making better business decisions.

1. Bitrix24:-

Bitrix24 is an open-source, cloud-based collaboration tool. It provides project management and CRM integration with social networking platforms, including user profiles, comments, sharing posts, instant messaging, and live chats. It is one of the most widely used free programs among small businesses and corporations. 

The free version of Bitrix24 allows for up to 12 agents, and it also provides customers with 5GB of data storage. To add more agents, you’ll need to upgrade to the $24/month premium plan, including 10GB of data storage and pro live chat support.

With a paid plan, you will be able to access other features, such as the SIP connection, a rented phone number, and Bitrix24 telephony for outgoing calls. 

However, in some cases, no usage of an account for a long period of time may lead to the deletion of data associated with the account. And there is no option to view EML(Electronic Mail Format) files.

2. CallHippo:-

CallHippo is mostly suitable for small organizations that require basic call center features. It has features like a productivity tracker, call log filtering, and call recording analysis to improve customer service.

A user-friendly interface and front portal let you easily navigate multiple tools to manage workflows. 

The software also has mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. Furthermore, it provides easy integration with other CRM software for smooth customer service management. Call routing enables agents to route calls to the most relevant agents, resulting in quick and smooth service. 

Here, users can filter call logs using call type, time range, and incoming/outgoing criteria. Its free plan includes email service and chat support. If you wish to use the paid plan, you can upgrade at $14 per user/month. However, users need to use different software to record voices to set up voicemails, which might be a little annoying.

3. Freshcaller:-

Freshcaller provides all of the benefits of a contact center without investing in hardware or the latest technology. Freshcaller delivers a real-time call report and enables international calls. The free version offers inbound caller ID, desktop notifications, call notes, and call metrics. 

With its mobile application, you can easily handle customers’ queries via email, phone, or live chat. Freshcallerl’s key features include multilevel IVR (interactive voice response), auto-receptionist tools, call monitoring and blocking, and customer interaction histories.

However, to use additional features such as number porting, basic call queues, wait-for queues, voicemail, warm transfer, call recording, and pre-built reports, you must upgrade your subscription plan to $15 per user/month.

4. Cubicles:-

Qubicle is another free software that provides a complete solution for call centers and improves business workflows.

It is cloud-based call center software that targets sales and customer service teams. Qubicle’s key features include call recording, inbound and outbound campaigns, call and email routing to IVR, drag-and-drop scripting, and open APIs.

This software includes iOS mobile apps as well as online customer assistance. All features and users necessary for an organization are included in the free plan. It also offers a premium membership service that starts at $0.02 a month and depends on the extent of customer support access. 

5. Asterisk:-

Asterisk is another free call center program that you can download for free on your PC. It offers a flexible and fully-featured cloud-based communication platform to handle all outbound calls with efficiency. With Asterisk, agents can interact with customers with both voice and chat functionalities on multiple channels.

Asterisk also provides low-maintenance tools that are easy to work with and can easily be integrated with telephony hardware. However, some users need more online guides related to software features, and security issues might crop up without additional security apps.


Top Free Call Center software 2023 is used to manage the organization’s inbound, and outbound calls, and route calls. Free call center programs have provided new options for small and mid-sized businesses to improve their production and efficiency. 

With free call center software, organizations can create customized and integrate with other applications according to their specific needs. However, installing the right software for your business is not an easy task. So, I hope the software mentioned above will help you to manage the customer service process.

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