The Best 10 Free Open Source Call Center Software 2024 [Expert Review]

Best 10 Free and Open Source Call Center Software

Best 10 Free and Open Source Call Center Software

Today, it is quite necessary to provide the best services to our customers so that they can stick to our brand for a long time. Open Source Call Center Software will be very helpful in managing all the things and reducing the manual work.

The customers will stick to your brand only if they are getting the best customer service for their queries and they don’t have to wait for a long time. So let us know more about that.

What is Call Center Software?

Customer satisfaction is quite necessary and engagement can be done only if the inbound and outbound call centers are working perfectly to solve their customer’s queries.

A Call Center software is a tool that will help to manage daily activities and ease the remaining work. The software comes with all the features that reduce manual work and ease the remaining work.

What is a Call Center Solution?

A Call Center Solution is a type of product and service that are mainly used to build customer relationship by providing them with the best services. Customer satisfaction is not the responsibility only, it is a primary objective of all businesses. Here, we need Call Center Software that reduces a lot of work and also reduces costs.

The software helps in managing our expenses because we can easily do our work with less amount of human labor.

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Things to consider before choosing the best Open Source Call Center Software

There are some things that a user needs to consider to get the best Open Source Call Center Software. Here are the important considerations –

  • Organization Size

Users need to choose the software by deciding their organization size so that they can get the best deal. If you have low-volume calls then you can get the benefits directly from the call center technologies that will provide them with the basic functionalities. So always make sure that you have to choose the Call Center Software by considering your Organization’s size.

  • Knowledge Level of the Employees

Another important thing to consider is the knowledge level of employees because if you have new employees who do have not sufficient experience, then you do have to go with the software that has normal features with limited capabilities.

It will be the best option for them but if you have a team of experienced employees who have sufficient knowledge and are aware of your software then you can go with a bit more complex tool that provides more features.

  • Costs and Expenses

Users should have complete knowledge of the costs they are paying for a particular software. The cost is not limited, there are also some upfront expenses that you should know about.

Some product sellers are providing monthly subscriptions while some are providing annual subscriptions. So always consider all the costs and expenses before buying software.

So these are the things that you need to consider before buying Call Center Software. Now let us know about the details of the Best Open Source Call Center Software download for PC.

Best Free Open Source Call Center Software:-

1. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is one of the best Free and Open Source Virtual Call Center Software that comes with all the sophisticated features we are looking for. It is a complete package that your call center needs, as it comes with some amazing features like work Management, helpdesk, Call Recording, Employees Extension, Call Routing, and many more.

It comes with all the features that we are looking for so it will be a great choice. It also has cloud storage that makes it more relevant and it supports both desktop and mobile versions.

This software is compatible with 12 users with a storage of 5 GB and they provide 100 calls per month with 1000 emails.


  • It is highly versatile and helps in proper marketing efforts.
  • It is providing the best communication Facilities.


  • It is a bit hard to operate for a beginner.

2. VICIdial

VICIdial is another popular open-source call center software that is freely available for all users. It is a one-stop solution where users can operate them in different 16 languages. The best thing about this software is that all the information is available on a single screen so that it can be easier for beginners.

As there are multiple options in the Submenu where users can check all the things easily. There is also a forum where users will get all the answers without any issues, so it will be a very convenient option.


  • There is no need for any specific proprietary hardware.
  • It has an easy interface because of extensive APIs, which makes it easy to use.


  • Call recording gets mixed sometimes.

3. Asterisk

If you are looking for all the relevant features then Asterisk will be the first choice of all others because of its amazing features. Asterisk is the most used call center software worldwide, as it is freely available for all users.

It is a prominent call center software that is widely used by people who are looking for free software. We can easily say that Asterisk Call Center Software’s Open-Source communication system will be the best option because the interface is easy to use and provides all the features.


  • The customization can be done easily.
  • The Interface makes it quite easier for beginners.


  • It is a bit tough to maintain the security of the servers unless you have additional software for that.

4. VMukti 1.1

VMukti 1.1 is another best call center software that provides solutions for inbound and outbound contact servers. The different thing about this open-source software is that it is developed with an open design that is compatible with all the common standards.

There is no need for any proprietary software to use it and it provides some amazing features like comprehensive statistics machine identification that mainly helps in decision making. It also provides features like Monitoring and Agent Quality Management.


  • It provides a predictive dialler that takes less time to wait.
  • This system eliminates the requirement for hardware investment.


  • This app is available only for Windows and there is no mobile software version available.

5. Ekiga

Ekiga is also a popular open-source call center software that is widely used by the call center. Whatever you want whether it is video conferencing or instant messaging, users can get these features in this software.

Here users will also get a free SIP address and that’s why Ekiga provides the facility of audio and video conversion to the whole globe having an SIP address.

As it provides HD sound quality that makes it more convenient for all of us. It is a user-friendly software that can be a very good option for beginners. Many other features make this software the best choice of all others.


  • The installation and configuration are quite easy.
  • It can also do work with Voice Over IP.


  • It lacks the feature of call binding, which is somewhere necessary.

6. OrekaGPL

As we know keeping information secured is necessary and this feature is provided by almost all call centers. To improve customer service, OrkegaGPL also provides the feature of securing and recording all the information safely.

The software can be easily installed and users can start using their services within half an hour after the installation. The best thing about this software is that there are no other expenses after installing the software. At present, this software project supports VoIP capture and also sound device capture. All the calls that are recorded in the database are saved and can be accessed on the Internet.


  • The team members can easily view all the information on the screen.
  • It provides a sufficient amount of storage for recording calls.


  • It will not record anything if there are any DNS difficulties found.

7. Linphone

If you are looking for a call center software that can manage all things properly then you should also consider Linphone in your list. They provide professional video and advanced audio calling services so that the right information can be transmitted to the customers.

The best thing is that it supports both mobile and web applications. This is a protocol-based platform for calling and record-keeping. It is an intuitive platform where all the functions can be operated smoothly and it also has a live chat option where the chat view is accessible.


  • This Open-source platform is auditable and secured.
  • Users will get many SIP accounts in this software.


  • There is no call forwarding option.

8. ICT Dialer

ICT Dialer is also a great option for users looking for free call center software because it is a one-stop solution providing all the relevant features that we expect. This is an auto-dialler software that is used to dial phone numbers directly from the database for more convenience.

It is very helpful in leaving voice messages for an administrator and it saves a lot of time by dialing the contact number automatically. The interface of this software is also user-friendly so that beginners don’t have to face any issues while operating. There are also multiple themes and layouts for more convenience.


  • Users will get all the statistics-related information on the front page.
  •  Users will also get a fast data-adding option.


  • Features are limited.

9. Elastic

Elastic is also a popular call center software that combines all the functions through unified servers. This software also allows real interaction with customers and clients. Users can also make public calls through this software.

There is an incorporated arrangement so that you and your operators can make the best possible efforts. This software provides all the features that we are expecting so that top services can be provided to the customers. Here you will also get the proper understanding of insights and other information easily so that you have actual knowledge.

In case, if your business gets developed then you can also go for a Pro membership will provide you with more highlights about the situation.


  • This software is fully customizable so users don’t have to rely only on a single thing.
  • It allows the connection for telephonic lines.


  • The network issues can reduce the audio quality and users have to face some issues.
  • The downloading and installing process is a bit time-consuming process.

10. GoAutoDial

GoAutoDial is another popular and straightforward call center software that will be very helpful to satisfy your customers by answering their queries. It also provides auto dialler calling services for 30 days just like your Chrome Web browser.

Users can easily create their phone system in the contact center. It comes with a strong predictive dialler and an automated routing system so that it can remain convenient for the users. You will also get support at the time when you need some assistance from the team.

This is a focus programming system that can deal with inbound and outbound calls effectively. It is a complete focus application that can deal with voice and non-voice applications.


  • It comes with a CRM interface which makes it quite easy to use.
  • Functionalities are easy so that beginners don’t have to face any issues.


  • Many softphones are not compatible with this software.


Users can do any of the free Call Center Software download 2024 so that they can provide the best and most effective service to their customers. As we know customers are the precious assets of our business and investing in something helpful for them will also be beneficial for our business.

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