The Las Vegas Aces become the new WNBA champions| Tom plays Victory tantrum

Aces win championship (4)

WNBA Championship Finals got crazy when the Las Vegas Aces aced the tournament and registered their first championship victory of the event.

The Las Vegas Aces defeated the Connecticut Sun in the finals of the WNBA championship and got his first victory of the event.

Becky Hammon got honored as the first rookie coach to win the title of the WNBA Champions. He coached the team for the first time and won the championship.

Chelsea Gray was named the MVP of the event by contributing to his tremendous performance which the world saw in the finals.

Aces win championship (2)

In the event, The Bengals suffered a huge and heartbreaking loss from the Cowboys.

The Packers who got loose in their previous match had a high bounce in his current match with a victory against the rival bears.

Tom Brady got mad with his victory and played a tantrum in front of the audience with a tablet.

Bucs and Saints become the sideline of the musical creation of the Tom Brady tantrum playing.

The mouth-watering episode of the Rush is yet to come and people got crazy for this upcoming event.

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