Who Is Liz Truss, the Next U.K. Prime Minister?

Liz Truss

Liz Truss

Today the world is talking about Liz Truss who has been seated at the position of the prime minister of the United Kingdom in the UK’s PM election. She had a beautiful political career and now she is going to become the  Prime Minister of Great Britain and is also ranked as 3rd woman prime minister of the United Kingdom if she is seated in this position. 

Who Is Liz Truss?

The real name of Liz truss is Mary Elizabeth Truss she was the newly elected leader of The conservative party which is a political party in the UK. In the past few years, Liz Truss is doing tremendous work and taking a stand on the serious issues bringing in the United Kingdom. Her tremendous work for the people of the UK got her the position of Prime minister of the UK on the 6th of September, 2022.

In her political career, she has worked in the position of the Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Affairs since 2021 and has also been seated as Minister for Women and Equalities of the United Kingdom since 2019. The people of the United Kingdom love her personality and what work has done for the people of the United Kingdom. Liz Truss joined the parliament and became a member of parliament of the United Kingdom in 2010.

Liz Truss Highlights.

NameMary Elizabeth Truss
Date Of Birth26 July 1975
Place of BirthOxford, England
Age (As of 2022)47
Education Graduate from Oxford University
Mother’s NamePriscilla Mary Truss
Father’s NameJohn Kenneth
Marital StatusMarries
SpouseHugh O’Leary
KidsTwo daughters Liberty Frances
ProfessionAccountant and Politician
Special AchievementsFirst Female Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor in Theresa May’s first ministry
Net Worth£8.4million, according to Money Transfer
Current NewsContesting election as the leader of the Conservative Party.

Early life?

Liz truss was born on 26 July 1975 and she was in a highly educated family. Her parents are also graduates and working in reputed posts. She was born in Oxford, England. Since her childhood, she has been very Intelligent.

Her parents’ names are John Kenneth and Priscilla Mary Truss. Her father was an emeritus professor of pure mathematics at the University of Leeds and her mother works as a nurse, teacher, and member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

The childhood schooling of the truss was completed in West Primary School. After completing her primary education she wanted to attend Roundhay School. She also lived in Canada for around 1 year and after completing one year in Canada she came back to Oxford.

Her teacher admitted that she had an interest in solving social issues since her childhood. In the year 1999, she completed her qualification as a Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA). After completing her graduation she joined the conservative party of the United Kingdom.

Mary Elizabeth Liz Professional career :-

Well, she won’t have a political background, she is the first woman in her family who became a successful politician and is going to become president of the United Kingdom. She is succeeding in the post after Boris Johnson who is the current prime minister of the UK.

In 1996, she graduated from Merton College, Oxford and after completing graduation she joined the Conservative party. She was a talented student and a backbencher too.

Well, after joining the conservative party she worked at a very low level but with his work effectiveness, she got elected as South West Norfolk in the 2010 general election. From the start of his career as a politician to reaching his first victory in the general election, it will take 14 years for Lizz.

She has done great work in various sectors like childcare, mathematics education, and the economy. Her work highly facilitates the economy of the UK and by the work, she did in the UK, the people of the UK wanted to see her as the minister of the United Kingdom.

Nowadays, the UK is facing plenty of problems in its economy, and the current president Boris Johnson is unable to deal with them. During the time interval, 2012 to 2014 Truss served as a Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Childcare and Education. She also had a premium contribution to the referendum on the UK’s strength in Europe. Only because of her attempts did the United Kingdom accept to be in the European Union at the referendum of 2016.

In the year 2019, Liz Truss served as a  Chief Secretary to the Treasury of the United Kingdom and now she is going to be the 3rd woman prime minister of the United Kingdom.

Liz Truss Political Career

Truss has an impressive political career and her impressive political career brings her to the most prestigious position in the United Kingdom now she is going to be a prime minister of the United Kingdom. When we take a look at the political career of Truss then she became the of the Lewisham Deptford Conservative Association in the year 1998. After that, she filed for her nomination in the Greenwich London elections but failed in it.

She got her next opportunity in the year 2006 when she got selected as the councilor for Eltham South in the Greenwich London Borough Council elections. After that, she got elected as a member of parliament in the year 2010. With the dissolution of the parliament, she also gets the most and she holds the reputed position in the ministry of the United Kingdom. In the year 2022, she was elected as the 3rd woman prime minister of the United Kingdom.

FAQs About Liz Truss

Q. Who is the father of Liz Truss?

Ans: John Truss is the father of Liz Truss who was the emeritus professor of pure mathematics.

Q. What is Liz Truss’s position?

Ans: Liz Truss has been a Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom since 2010 and now she is going to become a Prime minister of the United Kingdom.

Q. How old is Liz Truss?

Ans: Liz Truss was born on 26th July 1975 and now she is 47 years old.

Q. Does Liz Truss have a degree?

Ans: She completed her graduation in 1996 in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Merton College, Oxford, situated in England.

Q. Where does Liz truss come from?

Ans : The birthplace of Liz Truss is Oxford, United Kingdom.

Q. Where did Liz Truss go to school?

Ans: She had completed her primary schooling at West primary school and after that, she reached Roundhay school for further schooling. She also completed her graduation from the Oxford University of Merton College.

Q. What do you mean by Truss?

Ans: The word truss stands for “support, strengthen, or stiffen by a framework of beams”. Also, the word truss also stands for the meaning which is “to bind or tie firmly”

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