President Biden’s Son asked the court to recalculate his child support payments as having in financial debt.

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Hunter Biden claims to be insolvent and appealed to lower the child support amount of his Live child. Hunter initially denied accepting his daughter but the DNA test proved him wrong and he got recognized as the father of a 4 years old love child.

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Hunter Biden asked the court to revalue his child support payments

He stated to the court about not having any source of income since May 2019 and being unable to pay the specified child support fees. Hunter is a 52 years old man who is the son of President Biden, who applied to an Arkansas Judge for recalculating the amount of child support payment.

The mother is now living with her daughter named Navy Joan who pretended to be a stripper and filed a petition to the court of having the inspection of her income of Hunter Biden.

The initial order of child support gets filled by the code and in March 2020 the file gets sealed without describing any changes.

He so welcomed his new son named Beau Biden who he has with Melissa Cohen who is his 3rd wife. They were getting married around a couple of years and welcomed a son in March 2020.

Hunter Biden claimed that he is already in debt by paying a certain amount to the 3 children he has from his second wife and he still neglects to be a father of Navy Joes.

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At the initial petition, the court ordered the execution of a DNA test which proves that Hunter Biden is the father of Navy Joes.

This battle reached the Federal Investigation department and in their investigation, it was found that Hunter Biden spent 50% of his total income source on his household expenses.

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