Eastern Afghanistan Earthquake made a huge disaster by killed more than 250 people


An earthquake that struck Afghanistan on early Wednesday has killed more than 250 people, authorities said. It is believed that the population of 38 million in the country will get some support from other countries in this tough time.

A very popular Bakhtar Agency told the total amount of death and also assured that the rescuers arrived by helicopter. The director of the news agency claims that 90 houses are already destroyed and dozens of people are stuck inside and waiting for some help to come out.

Some footage came out from Pakistan’s borders where the victims are getting rescued from helicopters. The pictures of the earthquake in Afghanistan is spreading all over the Internet from different sources where we will be able to see the stones of broken buildings and people trying their best to save their life.

Bilal Karimi, a spokesperson of the Taliban government said ‘ the earthquake has killed many of our countrymen and dozens of houses are already destroyed. We urge all the aid agencies to provide help to us so that further damages can get stopped immediately.

The authorities are also believing that many people are injured and died in Khost Province but there is no final report. The nearby country Pakistan has concluded the earthquake at a magnitude of 6.1. There were also some damages we got to see in Pakistan nearby the Afghanistan border. Well, there is no assurance whether it is an effect of an earthquake or because of rain around the areas.

Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has also shown condolences to the Afghan people and said that they will provide help to their neighboring country.

Many foreign countries are believing that the poor construction of buildings, hospitals, and empires is the main reason for too much damage. 

These types of earthquakes were seen in the past also in Afghanistan. There was an earthquake in 2015 where 200 people were killed. In the past in 2002, there was a smart earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 has killed more than 2000 people and has made a huge amount of damage to the country. There was an earthquake in 1998 and it was also with the same magnitude of 6.1, which has killed a total number of 4500 people and a lot of damages were recognized at that time.

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