10 baby picture ideas to make your baby album memorable

Childhood is full of innocence & as a parent, it’s a phrase that you wish to cherish in the most memorable way possible. However, clicking pictures of babies is not an easy task. Skills are tested when it comes to baby photography. Unlike adults, capturing perfect baby moments can be very time-consuming and tiresome. 

This is because babies are the kings of their own wishes. They don’t just pose the way you ask them to. You have to be very patient about your mood. So, baby photography tests not only the skills but also the patience of both the photographer as well as the parents. 

If you are planning for a baby photoshoot, here are 10 photo ideas for your baby that will make a great baby album. Be it the baby album or the children’s portrait painting; these baby photo ideas will help you to seize your child’s memories in a special way.

The Smiling Buddha 

What makes the picture the most appealing? Well, there is nothing that is as graceful as the smile. When babies have slept well and their tummies are full, ready to unleash their energy, probably that’s the time when you are likely to get this click. 

One With the Momma

The one with whom the baby shares the connection. Mother & baby duo- this is a picture without which no baby album can be complete. Another good thing – babies are always comfortable in the arms of their mothers. So, getting this click can be relatively easier. 

The Special Destination 

Is there a destination that you enjoyed visiting as a couple and spent several memorable evenings there? It can be a park in your city, the sea-shore or peaceful docks. Well, you can plan your visit to the same place – this time along with your baby. 

While you can aim for your favourite poses, the beauty of the location can bring in the magic in these pictures. And since this picture is a family photograph, you can use this picture to make a family portrait painting

Fun time With Daddy 

Daddies introducing their babies to the funnier & lighter side of life- makes a great moment worth a click. Whether you are having a barbeque grill session in your backyard or teaching your baby the basics of swimming – these baby thrill moments shall never be missed from the sight of the camera. 

Siblings In Action 

They play, they fight, they forget and they play again. That’s what siblings do. However, there are times, when siblings (yes even the baby ones), take it to the next level with their mischievousness. This is a moment that’s worth looking back and can make you smile all over again. Make sure you have a memorable one.

The Furry Guardian 

Does your well-trained dog get well with your baby? If yes, then you may consider this picture. The real protector, the best friend and the guardian – when your child will look back at this picture, he/she will have one more reason to smile. A digital portrait painting created from such a picture can definitely be memorable. 


What makes babies angry? Well, there is not just one thing. They can get sad about anything and take out the frustration in a most expressive way without restricting themselves. While the anger is momentary, the expression captured can be priceless. Babies are the only case where anger can be funny. Keep your camera ready and never let such a moment slide away from your camera shutter.

Blissful Sleep

Well, that’s the activity in which babies spend most of their time. Quality sleep plays a crucial role in their initial development. Babies are happy after their sleep but when they are sleeping they can appear eternally blissful. This is a sight that can make anyone feel happy right at the first glance. It’s one of those moments that you shouldn’t miss. 

The Candid Click 

In this section, there are a plethora of options that you can explore. Be it crawling or their initial steps, playing with their toys or simply sitting on the ground, you can click the random pictures of your baby while they are doing something without their knowledge. Out of many pictures that you click, you can choose a few pictures that meet your expectations. 

Eye in Eye

Who says babies can’t pose? Know their mood and engage with them playfully, and you will see they cooperate with you in the best ways possible. Posing for you to click your perfect picture, you can aim for an impressive Eye in Eye pose. Guess what, this picture can also serve as a great reference picture to get a children portrait painting. 
So, which one of these ideas you liked the most? We wish you all the best for your baby album project. Do let us know once you try out any of these ideas. If you liked this article, you can also follow OilPixel – a digital portrait painting studio based out of India. 

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