Palmistry: The Major Lines

Palmistry is the part of astrology that is connected with hands. The main thing is seen while doing palmistry is the lines on the hands of the person. The most important part of palmistry is the line reading. The lines on the hands usually reveal the personality and character traits of the person.

The main major lines in palmistry are — the lifeline, the headline, the heart line, and the fate line. These lines are the riverbeds, which conduits our energy out into the world. If we see them stronger and deeper than all the other lines then it’s good, or if the lines are not such strong and deep then we may feel that our efforts are swamped and overridden. If the life, head, and heart lines are strong and deep equally, then it indicates a comfortable balance between body, mind, and heart.

Besides these above-mentioned lines, there are also some other lines in our hands which are also important in palm line reading like the marriage line, the sun line, the children Line, the Money Line, the health Line, the travel Line, the bracelet Line and the ring of Solomon line.

Let’s have a look at these lines separately:

The LifeLine 

This line is also known as Our energy meter. Many people see the lifeline first to know how long they will live. But it’s too bad that it doesn’t tell us anything like that. Many such incidents are there which are outside of the control of our life and our habits contribute to our longevity or our quick demise. The lifeline tells you about the nature of your energy, and even provides solutions to balance and increase your stamina and power. It also tells the times of stress and times of success, loneliness, and support.

The arc of the lifeline indicates the root of the thumb, which is known as the mount of the Sun, the reservoir of our vitality. The larger the arc, the stronger that person’s natural physical reserves are. The deeper the lifeline the quality of our physical strength is good and the conduit of our energy out into the world is also good. The deeper lifeline depicts that the person has powerful energy, and can grab any opportunity to have a long and successful life. The person may be impatient with lesser mortals who tire more easily, and losses their temper very easily. Some of this vitality can also work out physically.

The short lifeline suggests that there’s not much energy for the life scheduled so far. This does not mean a short life, but a life with problems to overcome.

The Head Line

It is also known as Our mind’s altimeter. The headline describes the nature and direction of the thinking process that is how the person is thinking and what the person is thinking. The story starts where our psyche begins, at the root of our lifeline, and is found between thumb and fore finger. The length of the headline shows the breadth of our interests but does not show how intelligent we are. The arc and depth describe the power and attitude of the mind. 

The deep, strong, and clear headline depicts a very strong-minded person who stays on track no matter what the obstacles is and concentrates for a long time, and sees everything as a completion. The shorter the headline, the more focused and narrow the interest of the person towards anything. The longer the headline, the broader the person’s interests in anything.

The Heart Line

This line depicts Emotional capacity and stories that build the heart. The heart line starts from below the little finger, arcs acrosses the hand, and ends between the mount of Saturn and the mount of Jupiter. It describes how comfortable the person is in meeting new people and making new friends.

The heart line shows how we relate to people, our life experience, and our soul’s passions, and it also tells that how the person adjust in relationships and in business and finance as well. The emotional lives of people are complex, and cannot be defined by one line only. We just cannot look at the hand and tell that if its owner will be happily married to a black-haired stranger by the age of 36 just by looking at the lines. But reading the hand thoroughly can help you to know what to do with your wild and precious heart, and can maximize the potential for comfortable and easy relationships.

The Fate Line

Its meaning is Energy, ambition, focus. The fate line goes from the wrist toward the fingers, but not for everybody. Let’s see what fate is. We are not talking about the irresistible, inevitable, personal destiny no in fact the fate line describes how much energy we put into making our fate, how much ambition, wilfulness, determination, and focus we bring to improve our lot in life.

So these are some major lines that are kept in mind while doing palmistry if you want more information do contact an astrologer.

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