Your Companion in the World of Social Media: Who is a Social Media Consultant?

Who is a Social Media Consultant

Who is a Social Media Consultant

With the influence of the internet and social media in every aspect of our lives, new professions have emerged. One of these professions is social media consultancy. Social media consultant, which has been a part of our lives for many years and has become important with the beginning of businesses and brands on social media.

Social media specialist is also called differently, such as social media manager. Although it is named differently, the job description of the social media consultant; managing the social media accounts of brands and businesses. In this article titled, social media consultant “Who is the social media consultant, what are the duties of the social media consultant?” We discussed the topics. 

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Who is a Social Media Consultant? 

A social media specialist, the social media consultant, also called the social square manager; is the person who enables the institution to reach wider audiences by supporting institutions, individuals, and brands in making more active and strategic advertisements on social media. In order for the brand to reach and interact with a larger audience, the social media consultant, who manages social media, produces works that are suitable for the brand’s identity.  

What are Social Media Consultant Duties? 

The most basic duties of a social media consultant can be listed as follows: 

  • Producing and developing social media content, 
  • Increasing brand awareness on social media, 
  • To ensure that the brand gains organic followers, 
  • To support the brand in the transformation process by closely following the trends and changes, 

Analyzing and reporting the customers obtained from social media, the developments of the brand, sector, and competitor developments. To manage the social media accounts of brands, products, or companies, 

To ensure that the brand appears on social media in accordance with digital marketing, customer relations, and communication strategies, 

  • Creating a communication strategy in line with customers’ requests, 
  • To analyze the activities done for social media on a regular basis, 
  • Making determinations about the benefits of sharing on social media  
  • Developing new strategies by analyzing strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Using analytical tools such as Google Analytics, Hootsuite Pro, and Facebook Insights to track and evaluate the brand’s social media performance, 
  • Developing and managing influencer programs within the scope of social media studies and participating in influencer events. 

Social Media Consultant Must-Have Features 

Social media consultants should be able to produce creative content. 

  • It should follow the trends closely. 
  • Must use language well. 
  • Vocabulary should be broad. 
  • It should determine the appropriate discourse language by analyzing the brand and its target audience. 
  • Must be good at human relations and communication. 
  • They should use social media channels actively and have knowledge about these channels. 
  • Must have strong analytical skills. 
  • It should create content suitable for the brand identity. 
  • It should have the ability to manage the momentary crises that may arise. 
  • Requirements to Become a Social Media Consultant 

To have at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field such as journalism, communication, marketing, 

Working in a company or agency environment, having experience in areas such as social media content planning and social media management, have advanced written and verbal communication skills, and to have a good command of grammar rules,  

To have knowledge about analysis programs such as Google Analytics, Hootsuite Pro, and Facebook Insights, Be able to use simple visual design programs, to be able to use social media channels well. We’ve come to the end of this article, hope you really love it. Now we are gonna share with you an interesting and naughty guide, How to flirt with an unknown girl on Instagram. It’s really amazing!

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