Organizing an Epic Rooftop Barbecue: Easy and Simple Tips


Banquet table with restaurant serving and snacks

An outdoor party means a lot of preparation of food and precautionary measures for pests. To fully relish the party, use advion gel to prevent pests and keep the menu simple. Cook tried-and-true recipes, serve the meat hot, the drinks chilled, and keep the music playing.

Prep the space:

Start by cleaning the space and organizing a seating arrangement. Make sure to put enough seats, sofas, or couches for your guests. Try minimalist yet decent organization and decoration for your rooftop BBQ party. For this purpose, adorn the place with comfy pillows and rugs. Place a center table or a dining table to serve the food. Put the plates, spoons, forks, and glass in the right position. Don’t forget to arrange napkins and tissues beautifully. Moreover, place 1 or 2 small decoration pieces, spice jars, and sauces on the table. You can beautify the space by using candles and fairy lights. The main aim should be to make the place comfortable for the guests. 

Bug Repellents:

Outdoor or rooftop functions always irritate guests and hosts because of the nuisance bugs and mosquitoes. You can prevent these pests by using repellents and baits that do not destroy the beauty of your space. For instance, besides making a boundary of your roof with baking soda, use invisible baits like cockroach gel baits.

One of the highly trending cockroach gel baits is advion cockroach gel UAE. You can easily get this advion gel from a Pest Control Shop that is a reliable online store to buy original advion gel baits. Apply this advion cockroach gel in every nook and corner of your roof to prevent any bug entry. You can also place UV lamps and citronella candles to prevent flying insects like flies and mosquitoes.

Choose a Simple Menu:

Always choose a simple menu so that you can have enough time to make delicious and quality food. Make two kinds of meaty dishes e.g. a steak, steak burgers, or BBQ chicken. Then, make simple side dishes like roasted vegetable skewers, or sauteed peppers. Moreover, you should also make a salad and a simple yet elegant desert. Make sure to serve hot and pay attention to the quality. Furthermore, do not waste the food and keep the quantity enough for guests. 

Equipments for Live BBQ:

In addition, if you are interested in grilling kebabs on your rooftop instead of pre-cooking, then arrange further setup. You should bring a grill, BBQ grill stand, skewers, coals, oil, and a grill basket. Set up the grilling stand slightly away from the guest seating arrangement. To make juicy and tender steaks, kebabs, and tikka of either chicken or beef, marination is essential. You should marinate the meat with spices, herbs, and meat tenderizers. always remember to marinate the meat for almost 24 hours or if you have less time than 6 hours prior to cooking.

Self-help Bar:

You can set up a place to organize a live bar or can merely use a freezer. Put all the drinks like soft drinks, juices or cocktails your friends like the most. Make sure that you serve only chilled drinks to please your guests.

Set up the Atmosphere:

To throw up an enjoyable party, make sure the atmosphere is comfortable. If it’s too hot outside then use an air cooler or fans. Moreover, if so cold, then prefer using heaters or an outdoor fireplace. Also, there should be no insects and animals irritating your guests. Play soft music to keep the mood of your guests happy and joyful. If your friends like upbeat music then make a killer playlist prior to the guest’s arrival.

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Entertainment Spot:

You should try to make your guests enjoy every bit of the party. The dinner should be followed by a relaxing time during which guests can chat with one another. You can plan to play games like ludo, chess, or passing the parcel. Moreover, a movie night with a BBQ party on the rooftop will be great fun. Nevertheless, you have to make separate arrangements for a movie night like installing a projector and a loudspeaker. Lastly, enjoy the movie night with some popcorn, drinks, and corn-on-the-cob.

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