5 Questions about Horse Insurance

Questions about Horse Insurance

5 Questions about Horse Insurance that you must ask your insurance agent before opting for their Horse Insurance Policy.

Are you also looking forward to buying a horse or, maybe horse insurance for your loyal companion -Horse? Usually, horse owners are a very optimistic bunch of people because they are accompanied by such genuine beings. 

But, being optimistic all the time and overlooking the realistic side of life is also not commendable. Owning a horse always comes with a lot of work and expenses and to cover yourself from getting a hole in your pocket, you must take Horse Insurance.

If you are looking for Horse Insurance you have got to ask your Insurer or Insurance agent the following 5 questions and always opt for the insurance agent who is comfortable in replying to your queries without any if(s) and but(s).

To prepare yourself for your steed’s well-being we have mentioned about 5 things that you should ask your Horse insurance agent.

  1. Does the Horse Insurance I am to buy; provides travel coverage for my Horse?

Some people travel with their companion friend very frequently for shows or some other purpose. If you are one from that lot you must know how hectic it can be to pay for the travel and stay expenses. Moreover, it is common to have equine injuries during the journey. To cover yourself from all those expenses you must ask your Insurance agent if your Horse Insurance includes transient coverage.

There are two types of transient coverage in a usual Horse Insurance, short-term Transient coverage, and year-round transient coverage.

The short-term Transient coverage covers your horse for a specified time of the year when you take your horse to some other places (such as the season when there or equine competitions going on).

The year-long Transient coverage covers you throughout the year. If you are someone who frequently takes their horses to shows and competition then this coverage will be a favorable deal for you.

  1. Does the Horse Insurance include coverage for illness and injury?

No matter if it is a pet or poultry, an animal can turn into a really good friend within no time, and seeing a friend in pain can be painful for you as well! Treating a horse’s ailments and injuries can sometimes be too expensive for you to afford but that doesn’t mean you will let your friend suffer! You have got to figure a way out of it!

A Horse Insurance usually has the coverage for illness and injury as their priority then why are we discussing the question here? The Horse Insurance that you are about to opt for must clarify to what extent it is going to cover your expenses on your equine’s health.

Ask your insurance agent to let you be thorough with the types of coverage in your budget and choose the one that suits your horse the best.

  1. Does Horse Insurance help me in replacing my Horse?

There’s no reason for us to ask you to imagine your partner’s death but we won’t say that day would never come. A mortality coverage in horse insurance can help you while you look for a replacement for your dead horse. Ask your insurance agent about the grounds on which they define the compensation for the mortality coverage of your horse.

Usually, the company decides the replacement cost of your horse by its age, the cost price it was bought for, its sex, and breed and by the fact if it was a professional Horse or a domestic horse. Mortality coverage insurance usually covers all the causes from natural causes to fatal accidents in Horse Insurance. Discuss in detail and be thorough with what you will be able to get in your insurance.

  1. What does Horse Insurance cover in terms of Medical Crises?

We hope it never happens but we do know how it feels to see your horse in pain. While taking horse insurance ask your agent beforehand, if the Horse insurance you are about to opt for holds any coverage for the accidental and surgical crises.

Your Equine’s professionalism doesn’t matter. You can still opt for surgical coverage (do not forget to ask about the claim price) if you own a domestic horse. Ask your agent on what grounds and, up to how much do they cover in their Horse Insurance and choose the one that is most suitable for you.

  1. Does the Horse Insurance cover the liability charges if your horse causes one?

Get one thing right, there are a lot of reasons for which someone can file liability against your Horse. The liability for once can be false but you will still have to hire an attorney for you to fight the case. Make sure to ask your Insurance agent if they will assist you during a law trial?

Conclusion- (To be written if the Blog is going on a third person basis. Thanking the insurance agent)

A genuine Insurance agent such as Kyle Wijnands will always be glad to help you out with all your queries. The Stratford Mutual Insurance Company provided us the best Horse insurance that we could expect from Kyle. Kyle was never once hesitant about answering our questions.

The Horse Insurance coverage that Kyle provided us helped us be at peace with the expenses that we might face as passionate horse owners.

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