8 Reasons Why You're Still Single

8 Reasons Why You're Still Single

People who can’t get a boyfriend or girlfriend often wonder why they are still single. They start self-doubting if they are not good enough or if there is something wrong with them that they are still single.

Are you one of those people who are looking for love but still have not found your soulmate?

Do you think finding the love of your life is all about luck?

The truth is none of us can control our fate. Even if we do our best, we can’t do anything about what is written in our destiny. But if we are looking for the love of our life, there is one thing we can do which is to control our behavior and be the best version of ourselves.

There are some things about people’s behavior that another person can find unattractive, or make them feel that you are not compatible with them or a partner material or it can be your characteristic traits where you need to make changes to become better. We are sharing with you a list of behavior you can avoid that will help to teach you how to motivate yourself to find your partner easily.

Avoid being clingy and desperate

Some people love their freedom. So learn to give another person some space. You can’t be texting or flirting with them all the time and won’t leave them alone. This kind of behavior only pushes people away and they may give you the tag of “psycho” which will ruin your chances of even talking to them next time.

Don’t be arrogant

Seeing yourself as a prince or princess and expecting your partner to worship you and follow you all around does not sound like a relationship. You want a partner, not a slave. You want someone who is strong enough to support you not some slave who just follows your orders. Relationships do not work like that.

Learn to Smile more

Just imagine, if you ever think about your partner. Would you like them to be smiling or frowning? A smile can change the whole person’s demeanor. A smile has the power to put other people at ease and the person who is thinking about approaching you would feel less nervous or intimidated by you.

Don’t be too picky

People often have high expectations for their partners. They want their partner to be hot, attractive, and rich but you need to be realistic when it comes to relationships. No one can qualify all your expectations so it’s better you focus on finding the good people, not good-looking people.

Change your “Type”

If you want a nice partner then you can’t be repeating the patterns of your past relationships. Everyone likes bad people and they think that they can change them and make them fall in love with us but that is too imaginative. If you keep choosing the players instead of good people, you will always end up disappointed. So, if you are looking for a serious relationship then stop looking for players.

Don’t be self-absorbed

People don’t like the kind of people who always talk about themselves and make everything about themselves. A relationship is made up of two people, not one so if you only think about yourself all the time, you are not really giving them anything. Try to be caring and ask them how is their day is going. Did they have lunch or dinner? Let them know that you care about them.

Don’t be flaky

This is also one of the reasons why people can’t get a partner is because they are too flaky. They don’t stay on their word. Like if you have planned to meet someone to have dinner or something, it is a commitment. You can’t just ditch people just because something came up. You have to be trustworthy. You can’t blow off things if something better comes along.

Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is when you want a happy and loving relationship but you don’t feel like you deserve it. These kinds of people think that the other person would never be interested in them but that’s not true.

We all have inner voices that tell us the things we believe in such as you are too fat, too ugly, too old, or too thin. Those voices indicate our insecurities.

If we focus on those things then we will push away anyone who sees us differently because our beliefs are stronger than the trust we have in other people. 

So if you want to let someone in, you have to drop your walls. You have to work on yourself to build your self-esteem. Make changes in your lifestyle and add the things that make you feel confident.

These are just the basic things you can change in your behavior to attract other people. These tips simply teach us to be good people. Be empathetic to others, don’t be self-absorbed. Respect others and their freedom.

We hope these tips will make you a better person and help you find a better life partner.

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