Facebook & Instagram blue Tick: Meta start selling blue verified badges after Twitter

Facebook & Instagram blue Tick: Meta start selling blue verified badges after Twitter

Facebook & Instagram blue Tick: Meta start selling blue verified badges after Twitter

Twitter, owned by the greatest entrepreneur of the decade Elon Musk, had a new policy released where anyone can get a blue tick of verified user after paying a nominal charge to Twitter. Well, this action gets criticized globally and people commented that this is a violation and security.

Now, Meta states that Facebook and Instagram users can also buy a blue verified badge and make their account verified.

Well, the account owner who wants to get this blue verified badge will have to provide a government-recognized ID and complete the verification of the ID on Meta. Meta has a feature of verification that includes a verified badge and also attains more protection from impersonation.

Recently, the officials of Meta confirmed that they’re testing the “Meta Verified” feature which attains a subscription model like Twitter.

With the help of this initiative, potential users of Facebook and Instagram can easily verify themselves and get a verified badge in their accounts.

The problem is Impersonating accounts will also get solved after getting the blue tick on their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Users will just have to verify their accounts only once and this verified blue tick badge will stay for years as per subscription. Not only this but this feature will also provide various other security features, especially to the content creators.


Meta didn’t release this feature globally. Currently, Meta is testing this feature and recording the customer response regarding this initiative. When we talk about the prices, the per month subscription of the Facebook blue tick badge costs around $11.99 if you’re using Facebook and Instagram on the Web.

If you’re using these social media apps over mobile phones (iPhones) then it will cost you around $14.99 per month.

The announcement of this feature was given by Mark Zuckerberg who is the CEO of Meta. He shares a post on his Facebook account and notifies globally that they’re planning to launch this feature globally.

Meta Blue Tick Badge in India

According to recent news, this feature is currently launched only in very few countries like Australia and New Zealand. India is a vast market and launching this feature of the blue tick badge in India is risky for meta especially when they’re launching the feature for testing purposes.

Well, the officials of Meta confirmed that they’re going to launch this feature in India and globally after hitting the objectives in Australia and New Zealand.

Blue Tick Badge price in India

According to the sources, Meta is going to set the price of the monthly subscription to the Blue tick badge for Indian users to around 1200 INR. The price of this blue tick badge is too high.

You’ll get a Twitter blue tick badge for just Rs. 900 even though a Netflix premium plan also costs around Rs. 649. So, why do people invest in getting a blue verified badge for Facebook and Instagram? The price is estimated, Facebook didn’t confirm the price yet, but it is assumed to follow the price of the blue verified tick price in Australia and New Zealand.

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