What are the five love languages? Different types explained.


Maybe you have heard someone say they have a “love language.”

Indeed, love is more than just a four letter word, and when it comes to love, we all communicate the feeling differently. Some people prefer to express their affection through handwritten letters. Others are more appreciative if their significant other cooks dinner for date night. 

According to “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman, our love languages can teach us a lot about how we approach love and relationships, helping us recognize our preferences in ourselves and in loved ones.

It does not take a love linguist to figure out your love language. Once you do, you may be able to connect more and grow even closer to your loved ones. 

What is my love language?

There are a couple ways to determine your own love language. 

The first being taking “The Love Language” quiz. This test is from the official love languages website and asks a series of this-or-that questions to identify your primary love language. Once you finish the quiz, it gives percentages to compare how much your style of love relates to the five love languages. 


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