The valley's Juneteenth celebrations are still going strong.

On Sunday, many people in the valley commemorated Juneteenth. The end of slavery in the United States is commemorated by this official holiday.

Juneteenth was honoured by encouraging black-owned companies at the Art House hookah lounge on Decatur and Sahara.

Grayce Egami is the owner of her own skincare line came & celebration to promote it. "It is due of Juneteenth and the celebration, as well as who we are as a people," Egami explains, "that has allowed me to be here today."

Tiesha Jackson, a massage therapist, also came out to promote her business. "It allows me to network with other people, including like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners."

The event's organiser, Robert Gardner, stated that he wanted to host this celebration to encourage positive community interactions. "I wanted to give back to the black community,"

Gardner recalls, "and I figured there was no better way than to increase awareness of local black companies and keep money flowing within our neighbourhoods."