Video Waka sabadell filtrado en twitter y reddit, Que paso en discoteca

The Ayuntamiento de Sant Quirze del Valès (Barcelona), which is managed by the ERC, has requested that Discoteca Vaca be closed immediately after reporting a new sexual assault by a minor last weekend, this time at a nightclub inside. “This is the second time in less than six months,” the government group said in a public letter released today.

What happened was that the Vaca Disco was located outside the administrative limits of the city, in what was known as the Salo de Sabadell. Un industrial Polgono between the cities of El Valles and Sant Quirze, the consequences of which affected another metropolis larger than Sabadell.

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Kasos was informed at 6:15 p.m. A minor was raped inside a Discoteca on Sunday. The little girl was treated and informed by the attacker that she was not apprehended.

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There are many event episodes in Waka Nightclub. Agents arrested a man in February accused of sexually assaulting another young woman. The San Quez Ayuntamiento requested that the Generalitat intervene and maintain order in the discothèque last December when 1.000 youths brawled brutally in front of the venue. Two policemen were injured in a fight organized on social media to protest the racist behavior of the doorman when allowing customers into rooms. The government group has since resigned and requested the intervention of the Generalitat.

The city council issued a statement on Wednesday expressing its full support for the victims of the weekend sexual assault. In this case, the ERC ayuntamiento issued a statement calling on the Generalitat to stop allowing repeated sexual assaults.

Como municipio, no tenemos potestad para ordener su siere”. In addition, we have requested public entertainment and recreational activities on several occasions. La direction general [depende de asuntos internos, en manos de los republicanos] para que lo haga”.

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