Sober drinks alternatives and why people are choosing them


Cracking open a cold one is starting to include cracking down on alcohol consumption thanks to popular “sober” drink alternatives.

From Dry January to Sober October, ditching alcohol continues to climb in popularity. With the trend not stopping anytime soon, products are hitting shelves marketed specifically to alcoholic drink ditchers.

But with ingredients like CBD, THC, nootropics and descriptions that boast mood-altering effects without alcohol, are these options really sobriety-friendly? Experts I spoke with say there are a few things to consider.

“It really just depends on somebody’s definition of what sobriety means to them and how much they feel comfortable depending on the effects of these on their bodies and brains,” says Hilary Sheinbaum, author of “The Dry Challenge: How to Lose the Booze for Dry January, Sober October, and Any Other Alcohol-Free Month.”


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