See Jamie Lee Curtis On The Set Of ‘Halloween’ In 70s-Era Photos


Jamie Lee Curtis is taking a look back on her “Halloween” era.

On Friday, Oct. 14, she shared some sweet throwback photos that the Academy Awards originally posted of her 1978 movie, “Halloween,” directed by John Carpenter.

In the post, Curtis shared a few cool behind-the-scenes moments that she had with the cast and crew on set.

In one black-and-white photo, Curtis is seen holding a knife while she menacingly grins, and in another, she’s seen holding Carpenter from behind while they both share a smile.

There’s even a funny photo of actor Nick Castle, who played the Shape, hilariously feeding the Michael Myers mask a Dr. Pepper.

“Behind the scenes of John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ (1978),” Curtis captioned the Instagram post. “Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ represents the Golden Age of slasher films — gifting audiences the ultimate final girl in Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode and the embodiment of pure evil with killer Michael Myers. What’s your favorite film in the franchise?”

In the comments section, the Academy wrote, “The ULTIMATE final girl. 🎃🔪.”

In 1978, Curtis’ career took off when she played Laurie Strode in the famous slasher film. After returning to the role of Laurie again and again in the “Halloween” saga, her character had her final showdown with Michael Myers in her new movie, “Halloween Ends,” which was released in the U.S on Oct. 14.

American actress Jamie Lee Curtis on the set of Halloween, written and directed by John Carpenter.Sunset Boulevard / Corbis via Getty Images

During an Oct. 12, interview on TODAY, Curtis looked back on her over 44-year long career in Hollywood, and revealed why she liked playing Laurie so much.

“I have finally figured it out after 44 years. Laurie Strode represented everybody’s sister, everybody’s friend. Her beautiful innocence, and intelligence and her ability in the moment to never give up,” Curtis said. “And so for me, the legacy is that I never give up. And even if Jaime has given up, Laurie didn’t. And because of that, people around the world look to me as someone who’s a survivor and who’s faced adversity and has kept going.”



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