Personality traits, season, dates, explained


Sagittarians, the Zodiac sign charged with ushering in the first days of winter, are known as one of the Zodiac’s most curious characters. One of three fire signs, Sagittarius has a unique set of “fiery” traits.

In conversation with Aliza Kelly, celebrity astrologer and author, we explore the key personality traits of Sagittarians, what they’re known for, what they’re strengths and weaknesses are and who their most compatible love matches might be. 

“Astrology is an amazing way of getting to know yourself, getting to know other people, and the relationships that you have,” Kelly says. Her new project “Astrology Club,” made in collaboration with Spotify, allows listeners to do just that with personalized podcasts playlists based on your astrological sign, and insights into your compatibility with other Zodiac signs. 


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