‘One Week with This Dreamboat’


Mandy Moore’s son Oscar “Ozzie” Bennett Goldsmith is 1 week old, and she’s celebrating by sharing a new photo of him.

“One week with this dreamboat. You’ve absolutely changed the game, Ozzie,” she wrote on Instagram on Oct. 27. “Yes, I’m exhausted and covered in spit up and feeding you nonstop but I’m so grateful and soaking in every second of this time.”

The “This Is Us” star and her husband, Taylor Goldsmith, announced the arrival of their new addition Oct. 21, making son August “Gus” Goldsmith an older brother. Moore said on Instagram Oct. 26 that Gus is already enjoying his new role.

Moore was pregnant with Gus during Season Five of “This Is Us” and she was pregnant with Ozzie during Season Six. She canceled tour dates in June to focus on her pregnancy and being a mom.

“As it turns out, being on a set is worlds away from being on a tour bus,” Moore told TODAY Parents in July. “It was like trying to sleep on a wooden roller coaster. Gus would be standing up in his Pack N’ Play while the bus was shaking — and I was like, ‘No, no, no. We can’t do this anymore.'”

Moore has been hyped about becoming a mom of two since she announced the pregnancy news June 3, just over a week after “This Is Us” ended. She said at the time that she was “grateful and excited” for both experiences.


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