Move over butter boards. The potato skin board is here: Recipe


A better name for this feature might be “potato skins elevated”. Or “next level skins”. Or “beyond the butter board”. Whatever you decide to call it, I’m reasonably confident this recipe will forever change the way you make and eat potato skins.

If you’ve been online (or awake) recently, you’ve no doubt become aware of the butter boards trend, a riff on the classic charcuterie board that features softened butter and an assortment of toppings. Do a “butter board” search and you’ll find everything from savory boards with softened cheese, to sweet dessert boards slathered with frosting.  

I took a little culinary license with this one, and I’m glad I did. The cream cheese is tangy, the satiny cheese sauce is snappy, the bacon is smoky and the chives add a burst of color and sweet onion flavor. Plunge crisp, oven-roasted potato wedges into these layers and you’ve got one spectacular board.

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