Couple Who Got Engaged During Adele TV Special Opens Up About Wedding


Ashleigh and Quentin Brunson made the world feel their love last year after an idyllic proposal that took place on stage with Adele.

This month, they did it again, though in a much more intimate setting: their wedding.

Felisha Carrasco and Christian Galvan

On Oct. 10, Ashleigh and Quentin made their seven-year relationship official, tying the knot at Hotel Indigo in downtown Los Angeles.

“I walked down the aisle to ‘Make You Feel My Love.’ We actually had literally the most incredible band ever,” Ashleigh told TODAY, noting that the band who covered Adele’s song was Lucky Devils Band. “It was literally perfect and completely full circle. One hundred percent full circle.”

Ashleigh, a vegan chef and content creator, met Quentin, an actor, and music producer, in 2013.

Last October, Ashleigh’s now-husband Quentin proposed to her during Adele’s televised concert special for CBS, titled “Adele One Night Only.”

Quentin led Ashleigh, whose eyes and ears were covered, to the center of the age as an audience looked on. After popping the question, a band struck up the opening chords of the 2008 hit “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele.

“Thank God she said yes,” the singer quipped after Ashleigh accepted the proposal. “’Cause I didn’t know who I was going to have to sing this song to next.”

The newlyweds.
The newlyweds.Felisha Carrasco and Christian Galvan

Making her way down the aisle to the song, Ashleigh walked with arm-in-arm with her two twin brothers.

“Someone told me, ‘Just find him and never take your eyes off of him,’” she explained. “And that’s what I did. I did not look at anyone else. I just looked at him the entire time. The whole way down, and it was amazing. It was really amazing.”

Ashleigh walks down the aisle with her brothers.
Ashleigh walks down the aisle with her brothers.Felisha Carrasco and Christian Galvan

“On the day of the wedding, it was kind of smooth as gravy. I’m just excited that it all turned out better than I could ever imagine,” Quentin shared, noting that at the wedding, a film crew was present to document the whole day. Since their proposal, the two have been working on a reality show about their relationship called “Becoming Brunson.” “I mean, the production of it didn’t get in the way of the romance.”

Asked if Adele made it to the wedding, Quentin and Ashleigh joked that their attendees had asked the same question for months.

“Everybody’s like, ‘Well, is Adele gonna be there? Whose a special guest?’” Quentin remarked. To which Ashleigh quipped, “I am the special guest.”

Though the singer ultimately didn’t make it to the wedding, the couple said so many others showed up for them to make their day special.

The wedding party.
The wedding party.Felisha Carrasco and Christian Galvan

“We’re so blessed for a lot of these people that donated their time, their resources, and things to help us make our day outrageous,” Quentin said.

Beyond The Lucky Devils Band reaching out to them after their proposal, the team at Justin Alexander also contacted Ashleigh to design the dress. 

Ashleigh in one of her two custom Justin Alexander dresses.
Ashleigh in one of her two custom Justin Alexander dresses.Felisha Carrasco and Christian Galvan

“They offered to design a wedding dress for me which ended up being two dresses, and they even did a custom veil for me,” she explained, adding that the Justin Alexander team is like family to her now. “I love them dearly. So both of my dresses, by Justin Alexander, were everything that I ever dreamed up in my little girl mind.”

A friend also designed and custom-made a special broom for them to jump as part of a Black tradition that holds significant meaning.

“It’s basically both of us leaving behind our single lives and jumping together into this new chapter of our lives, which is marriage,” Ashleigh explained. “So it was really, really cool.”

The big moment.
The big moment.Felisha Carrasco and Christian Galvan

Of course, while the Brunsons’ nuptials are over, they still have their honeymoon and a lifetime together to look forward to. 

“We are actually pushing our honeymoon until probably the top of the year,” Quentin said.


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