Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone Carve Pumpkins Together


When most of us carve pumpkins with the plastic tools found in grocery stores or kitchen instruments around the house, former action stars evidently have a slightly more intense approach.

Sylvester Stallone shared a photo on Oct. 18 with his “great friend” and fellow actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. In it, the two are holding their own pumpkins and very large “survival knives.”

“Myself and my great friend Arnold , @schwarzenegger spending time at his amazing office Carving Pumpkin Heads for Halloween with Survival Knives !!!” he captioned the photo. “That’s what real ACTION guys do with their free time! Lol…”

Schwarzenegger shared essentially the same photo a few hours earlier, captioning it simply “Happy Halloween 💪 @officialslystallone.”

The “survival knives” seem to be a nod to their action star days, when both used such weapons in films like “Rambo” and “Commando.”

Though the two reportedly had somewhat of a rivalry in the distant past when they were both competing for leading action roles, they have since become friends. They have been spotted hanging out on many occasions and have starred in several films together, including “Escape Plan” and “The Expendables.”


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